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Note to Parents

Parents are requested to see that:

  • Their children are neatly dressed and they attend the school regularly and punctually.

  • Their children study their lessons regularly and do their homework properly. ( for this a reference to the school will help)

  • No gold or artificial decorative ornaments are allowed. For girls small and simple ear rings are permitted.

  • If a child not filling well, parents should keep the child at home. If parents are intimated to take a sick child, they should come as soon as possible.

  • Parents are requested to avoid meeting their wards during class hours.

  • The Principal of the school can always be contacted with concrete suggestions and genuine grievances by pupils or parents and prompt attention to redress such grievance will be given.

  • The School alone cannot mould the child into a good citizen. Schooling begins at home. Hence, inthe joint endeavour of educating a child. Parents are requested to inculcate the values of punctuality, discipline, politeness, neatness, courtesy in the wards at home as well as at school.

  • Parents must bring all their complaints directly to the attention to the Principal in writing. No complaint will ever be entertained over a phone call.

  • Parents who intend to take their words home during school hours in exceptional cases only, must give a written application to the Principal stating clearly the reason for taking the ward out of the school.

Time Table for declaration of Annual Result  2016  

 For Class 9th and 11th : 02.03.2016
 From Nursery to Class 4 : 04.03.2016
 For Class 5 and Class 6 : 10.03.2016
 For Class 7  and Class 8 : 11.03.2016
New Academic year shall be commenced from 4th of March for Class 10 and 12  

 From Nursery to Class 9  : 15th of March 2016
 Summar School Timing  : 06:30AM  to 10:30AM