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  • Second Unit Test for class IX will be conducted in answer scripts which will be provided by the School, instead of conducting the same in the test copies. The same answer scripts shall be shown to the students and parents after the results are ready.
  • After the evaluation of Second Unit Test answer scripts, the answer scripts will be shown and given to the parents for better transparency. The said answer scripts will be collected back within 2 days from the students. If a student does not return the said answer scripts, it will amount misconduct.
  • Parents are allowed take photocopies of the Second Unit Test answer scripts on payment.
  • Unit Test will be conducted out of 20 marks and Project marks will be assessed out of 20 and an average of both the Assessments (Unit Test-20+ Practical/Project–20 /2) will be added with the Second Term examination which is conducted out of 80 marks.
  • The total marks obtained in the Second Term be reflected in the report card in a similar way done by the CISCE, New Delhi in class X Examination.
  • Promotion from class IX to class X will be done as per the instruction of the CISCE, New Delhi


It will be the responsibility of the Head of the school to ensure promotion from Class IX to Class X will be done on the basis of the cumulative achievement level of the student throughout the academic year in the subjects he/she has been registered for. For promotions, a candidate is required to have obtained at least 35% marks in five subjects including English on the cumulative average and a minimum attendance of 75% of the working days. No other criteria will be used for promotion from Class IX to Class X.

Promotions on trial/with re-examination/with grace marks will not be granted from Class IX to X. Transfer Certificate should not be issued with ‘Promoted to Class X’ if the student has not met the required promotion criteria.