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House System

Every student is allotted a house from STD. III onwards. There are four houses named after four Great Oriya Patriots such as Madhusudan, Godavarish, Gopabandhu and Mahatab in order to develop cultural greatness and a sense of Patriotism. Inter – House competitions are organized among students of these houses in the field of sports and other extra curricular activities.

| Name of House Leaders |


Madhusudan House:– Mr. A.K.D. Adhikari and Mrs. Mahasweta Mukherjee

Godavarish House:- Mr.B.R.Das and Mrs. Reeta Mishra



Gopabandhu House:- Mr. S.N. Dhar

Mahatab House:- Mrs. S.C. Bisoi and Mrs. Mukulika Tripathy