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Fee Slip Submission




It is observed that many of our parents have deposited the fees for their ward in different branches of ICICI Bank. As per rule, the Bank is required to submit the copy of the said slip to the school. Accordingly, the said amounts supposed to be entered in the fee heads.


The ICICI bank credited all the fees to the school account, but many slips are misplaced at the level of bank resulting confusion in fees deposited by the parents. A bulk amount has been credited to school account towards fees but due to non-availability of physical slips, the accounts section is not able to maintain the same in heads of account for the concerned students.


Therefore, in Financial Year 2018-19, a 4th slip was added in the fee book known to be Teacher’s copy, so as to ensure that, those who have paid, and whose slips have not been sent by the bank to our school could be correctly recorded. Therefore, the parents were requested to retain their copy and submit the Teacher’s copy to the Class Teachers so as to avoid any confusion.


In this regard, ICICI bank has been warned for their lapses and the bank authority has also been informed to cooperate with the School account section.


In view of the above, the parents are requested to cooperate by submitting the Teacher’s copy to the Class Teacher for the cross checking with amount that has been credited to school account.



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